About Press'nXPress
About Press'nXPress Customer Feedback Platform

About us

Press’nXPress is a pioneer in providing fully automated real-time omni-channel customer feedback collection and analysis solution at the moment of service. The customer feedback management platform that evaluates organizations’ performance by collecting the in-the-moment customer satisfaction in the unpredictable customer journey.

We believe modern customer journey is complex. Customers’ expectations and touchpoints are tremendously growing across channels. Every moment is an opportunity to understand and meet your customers and improve their experience. Today, companies need journey-based, in moment, contextual, and omni-channel solution. Our goal is to develop modern technologies to perform continuous & in-the-moment CX measurement, enabling organizations to strengthen in-the-moment (just in time) customer and employee experiences.

Core Objectives:

  • Create the best in class Customer Experience Management platform
  • Create the best in class Employee Experience Management platform
  • Become the best in class in-the-moment feedback management platform
  • Deliver the most insightful 360-degree feedback management platform
  • Provide the best-in-class innovative omni-channel platform
  • Improve today’s organizations overall performance