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In Application

Application are changing how customer interact with brands and it became more important to engage users at the moment when relevant. Use of mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and organizations must capitalize on the ease of requesting in-app feedback. Adapt to the online customer journey and ask questions on specific webpages and discover what most needs your attention. Alternatively, embed key questions and feedback request in digital screens. This can be done and setup with one simple script. Ensure the customer feedback is requested at the right time and right place.

Receive high-quality feedback in digital touchpoint

Easy-to-use, powerful yet simple integration

Engage the right people at the right time

Get actionable feedback from the right visitors with context

Change questions effortlessly anytime

Receive actionable and relevant insights from real users


Collect feedback while customers browse your website and deliver an exceptional website experience. Ensure optimal feedback response using feedback page or intercept so that you can drive strategy and boost engagement. Capture the Voice of Customer in the moment and discover your audience needs in order to meet their online goals. Target your customers with slide-in questions, modal forms, or embed in-page.

  • Capture user feedback on specific webpages
  • Create your own slide out, full page or exit feedback question
  • Capture context related to feedback
  • Customize feedback widget and align to your brand
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Open text comment



Mobile App

Easily collect in-app feedback using our mobile SDK. This solution fully integrates with your mobile native user experience. You can also trigger feedback forms to pop up in your mobile app based on user events.

  • Choice of sliding or full-page feedback request
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Open text comment
  • Mobile responsive

Messenger and chatbot

Chatbot and messengers are one of the key touchpoints of online customer journey. Collect feedback in messengers with our chatbot SDK.

  • In-the-moment conversational feedback
  • Open text comment

Digital Screen

Presented in the product experience, one of the best ways to understand if a product is meeting customer’s expectation. The SDK can be integrated into any product with digital screen to request feedback.

  • Easy integration in any digital screen
  • Realtime feedback while using product
  • Collect contextual feedback

Point of Sale

Collect customer feedback as they are making payment and gain extra insight when enhanced with payment amount contextual data. The POS SDK can be integrated easily at any point of sale and will be completely anonymous.

  • Easy integration in any POS system
  • Ask question in moment of service
  • Anonymous financial context with transaction value