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Text analytics will help you get to the root cause

Transform customer feedback into insights that create real business impact. We help you automatically analyze the unstructured text, extract relevant information, and transform it into useful intelligence. Drill down the analysis into the qualitative feedback left by your customers to understand the real reason behind the satisfaction rating.

Massive amounts of feedback With internet and digital platforms organizations are overwhelmed with customer comments. This precious data can guide improvements to customer experience; however, extracting insights from each of these comments has been difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. By utilizing our text analytics, you can transform customer feedback into insights that create a real business impact in real-time.

Prioritize changes and improvements Save time by using the sentiment data to prioritize improvement actions that have the most impact. Using automated sentiment analysis, we quantify what your customers care about and help you to understand the “why” behind the feedback scores.

Monitor clustered insights and act Take an in-depth look at issues and opportunities. Cross-check clusters, segments, and topics to draw actionable conclusions.

Boost your Voice of Customer program with text & sentiment analytics

Machine Learning

identifies sentiment and emotions behind every comment with ML and AI

Real-time Automation

instantly analyzing large volumes of feedback and generate insight

Sentiment Analysis

automated text analysis assigns sentiment score to every comment

Cluster Analysis

with AI algorithms each feedback will be categorized and clustered

Keyword Analysis

automatically reveal topics, keywords, concepts, and commonly used words

Language Detection

analyze feedback comment and extract text sentiment in any language