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Uncover insights from phone conversations, and track trends, topics, and sentiment. Bring together experience data, such as sentiment and emotions, with operational data, like average call length. Get actionable insights at scale by analyzing every voice call to help improve contact center experience.

Learn about your customer's experience

Automatically analyzes calls and convert into topics and sentiment

Promptly address customer need when unhappy

Get actionable feedback from the customer in-the-moment

High-quality insights from your customers

Track performance over time at agent, team, and company level

Collect customer feedback after phone call and measure agent performance

What is a Post-Call IVR Survey?

A post-call interactive voice response (IVR) feedback is an audio-based feedback request that is normally used in contact centers that uses natural language. After the customer has interacted with the call center agent they are transferred (automatically or manually) to a voice-promoted feedback system while the experience is still fresh. The voice prompts to provide the questions and the customer leaves feedback using the phone buttons on their phone or leaving a voice recording.

  • Identify key trends in voice calls
  • Simple integration with call center system
  • Agents’ professionalism & knowledge
  • Call transcription
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Why using customer service post-call feedback?

Easy to Execute Post-call IVR feedback collection is generally easy to get up and running to identify trends and themes.

Get Agent Level Scores Track simple agent level scores for customer satisfaction and understand team performance.

Real-time insights Assess a customer’s experience with a service interaction that just took place.

Best Practices for Optimizing Post-Call Interaction Surveys Using IVR

Simple instruction requesting for feedback

Ask customers if they'd like to leave feedback at the end of the call or provide a recorded message at the beginning of the call.

Ask for open-ended voice feedback

It is difficult to understand why the customer gave a low rating on quantitative questions. Allow them to explain in their own words.

Request feedback not just about the agent

Don't forget the bigger picture. Ask about your company’s products, services, and/or processes.

How IVR Feedback drives positive business benefits?

If done correctly, post-call surveys can give businesses valuable insight into what makes customers happy and what ticks them off. If poorly constructed, however, surveys not only waste time and money but can further frustrate customers. To get the optimal results from surveys, businesses must know what critical survey topics to consider.

Agent information

These are the people who represent the business to the customers. They're possibly the most important resource of a business.

General product or service information

Whatever product or service the business provides, customers have an opinion about it. Knowing the reason behind more returns in the warehouse and fewer repeat customers can save the business.

First call resolution information

How efficient is the business dealing with customers from their point of view? Even if agents are doing exactly what they are trained to do, maybe that training needs adjustment to meet customer expectations.