Meet Andrea, Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience at Shargo Hotels

Meet Andrea, Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience at Shargo Hotels

By: Press'nXPress Team
June 14, 2022|5 min read

Andrea has worked in large hotel chains and enjoyed shifting to a boutique chain that is up and coming and has grown its brand based on its superior quality of customer service. When Andrea first started, she managed the operations for their primary location in New York. As the location took off, the company decided to open another location in Chicago.

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Due to her superior work, Andrea was asked to take on the role of Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience for all future locations. For both the brand and Andrea, it was an exciting step forward. 

When the new location opened, Andrea worked from Chicago for the first three months, but during that time, she found it hard to monitor everything happening in New York. She knew if she left Chicago she would face the same issue. It was also difficult to compare the experiences between the two locations in a manner that made sense to everyone.

Many people at the company felt that the difference in locations meant that a difference in experiences was to be expected. Andrea knew she needed to find a solution with two more locations planned to be opened within the following year. A solution that would allow her and her team to monitor many different locations and compare the same elements at each location to gauge what was succeeding and what was best represented their brand. That sent Andrea on a search for a more comprehensive customer feedback solution.

Andrea looked at expanding some of the existing feedback methods they already had in place in her evaluation process, like their feedback surveys after guests' stays and their customer service cases they track when issues arise. While she and her team could see where these two existing applications could be used, they struggled with how they would get a complete picture of the guest experience with different parts of their hotels. Andrea began researching other options with the following criteria in mind:

  • One solution that can be used for all hotel locations
  • Gather feedback in different formats
  • Gather feedback from various locations in the hotel
  • A comprehensive view of the guest experience
  • Multi location performance monitoring
  • Remote Management

Andrea spoke with a few different providers of customer feedback and customer experience platforms. Some solutions she was able to rule out right away because they didn't offer a comprehensive, out of the box, and easy-to-read reporting option she would need to keep everyone at the company informed.

A few providers offered solutions with multiple ways to collect feedback like email survey, online and SMS messages. Still, the team was drawn more toward providers that also provided channels like feedback kiosks for physical locations that guests could give their feedback quickly with the touch of a button. As the concerns around health and sanitization grew, they decided they would prefer an option that would cut down being a high-touch surface.

Another critical component that helped them choose was looking for a versatile solution in the locations it could be set up, for example, not needing additional infrastructure and power. After their comprehensive review of their options, Andrea and her team found that the Press'nXPress solution, especially the Touchless Customer Feedback Kiosks, met all of their requirements.

Andrea is excited to share the journey she and her team went on building their customer experience strategy and operational plans from the ground up with everyone.

Shargo Hotels is a fictional company that helps to illustrate how Press'nXPress can be used in hospitality applications.

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Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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