Customer Experience Journey Map

Customer Experience Journey Map

By: Press'nXPress Team
June 30, 2021|4 min read

Knowing your customer’s expectations is important to every business. Creating an effective customer experience is about more than just ensuring your customers receive the products and services they desire in a timely and efficient manner. Thinking about the overall path that your customer follows during their interactions with your brand and defining what that customer journey looks like can be an essential start of improving your overall customer experience. The world of Customer Journey mapping is growing with new tools, resources, and techniques each year towards understanding customer needs and journeys. We wanted to make sure that our clients could easily build their customer experience journeys and use them while monitoring customer feedback. Enter our newest feature, Experience Journey Map.

What Is Customer Journey Map?

It is a great visualization tool for your organization to map out the story of how your customer interacts with your brand across all touchpoints and channels. Press'nXPress Experience Journey Map tool is an easy-to-use tool to plot the touchpoints where you collect feedback across customer experience journeys for different personas and objectives.

  • Get organized: Create experience journey maps per customer persona
  • Get commitment: Invite and engage teams involved for every journey
  • Monitor experience: Connect touchpoints and monitor customer experience over time
  • Increase alignment: Collaborate and break down silos across departments
  • Keep Improving: Identify and document experience gaps, solutions, and actions

Become genuinely customer-centric by keeping customer experience journey maps part of your organization's day to day business.

Why Using Customer Journey Map Is Important?

By incorporating your customer experience journey directly into the experience monitoring with our feedback collectors, we help you understand your organization's current state and visualize customer pain points, needs and expectations. It will allow you to identify if any major issues arise at one interaction point that might get overlooked if the overall feedback score is positive. You could identify improvement areas to enhance your customer experience. It will help your business deliver your customer experience vision.

  • Allow your team to understand how your customers feel at every touchpoint across the journey to develop empathy and accountability for the customer experience.
  • Enable staff to look beyond their internal view by understanding customer interaction across the journey, not solely within their department.
  • Equip your staff to identify inefficiencies and opportunities throughout the customer journey.
  • Identify activities that will help you reach your desired customer experience.
  • Track and enhance value creation by measuring and monitoring the impact of improvements over time.

Is It Easy To Use Journey Map?

Create a new journey map by adding persona, objective and connect your existing touchpoints. Add the team and department, and you are all set to visualize the feedback across the journey.

Experience Journey Map

How Difficult Is It To Implement?

The great news is that this feature is being rolled out to all our clients, so there's nothing you need to do but sit back and watch it be added to your dashboard.

Is It Just For Customer Experience?

Like all our products, if your focus is on the employee experience side, you can use this feature for your Employee Experience monitoring. Connect the touchpoints that you collect feedback from your employees and visualize the engagement in the journey map.

Why Is It Effective?

Integrated with the touchpoint feedback and reporting, it's a foundational tool that allows you to step into the customer's shoes and identify how that customer experience is delivered. With this tool, we visually bring your customer experience to life. Experience journey maps can unite your business and teams to achieve your customer vision.

When Will It Be Available?

The Experience Journey Map feature is ready, and we are rolling it out to all our clients.

Want to get to know more about improving your customer experience? Make sure to follow our Linkedin page for more information about our products, services and tips on how you can improve your customer experiences. If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Press'nXPress TeamPress'nXPress Team

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